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Toy Poodles and Tiny Toy Poodles    

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About Poodles  
About Poodles

The Toy is the tiniest Poodle but Poodles come in three sizes and many colors, but are all considered one breed. Toy Poodle dog, are the tiniest of the Poodles:  The history on Toy Poodles is the same as the Miniature and Standard size poodles. They are friendly, intelligent, active and clownish and make a superb pampered companion. They are also an excellent watchdog when needed, but not to the point of senseless barking.

The three types of Poodles are:
Toy Poodle- The Toy is the smallest.  It should be no larger than 10" high at the shoulder. They are well suited to apartment life or as a traveling companion for retired people. 

Miniature Poodle- The Miniature Poodle is a medium-sized animal standing between 10" and 15" high at the shoulder. They are a sturdy compromise between the Toy and the Standard and also suitable both to apartment life as well as the hardy life-style of a family, including children. 

Standard Poodle- The Standard is the largest of the three varieties.  There are no restrictions on size. Normally it will about 21" to 27" high at the shoulder with the females usually a little smaller than the males.  As a larger, more substantial animal, the Standard will usually require more room for exercise than the other two varieties.

The different names such as a "Royal Standard", "Tea Cup Toy" or "Tiny Toy Poodle" are terms to promote the sale of the true "Toy Poodle", dogs that are dramatically over or under the norm in size.  A Toy Poodle puppy is highly trainable and with it's low dander make an excellent pet choice for asthma sufferers.  But, with it's almost non-shedding coat need it does need frequent brushing to prevent matting. 

The various clips are a matter of taste for the average owner, but if exhibited at dog shows, the clipping rules are explicit, and must be strictly adhered to as per the Breed Standard.  The way Poodles are groomed today can be attributed to their history of being water dogs and such avid swimmers required clipping their legs to decreased drag.  Leaving the hair longer on the body protected their heart and chest from cold water.

Poodles all descend from the water dogs in Germany and Russia and other parts of Europe.  Their history can be traced back to the late 1500s.

Germany being a primary origin of poodles is also credited with naming the breed, "Pfudel" akin to puddle or splash.  The German words given to the different size of the poodle are:  "kleine" = small; "mittlere" = medium; and "grosse" = large.

Poodles became the "in" dog of choice for the aristocrats of France aristocracy, so much so that it became the national dog of France and thus the common name came to being "The French Poodle".

In 1910,the UK Kennel Club created the Miniature Poodle classification. But it was the breeders in Britain and North America in the 20th century that made the Toy Poodle really  recognized by the AKC in 1943.


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