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Bonjour Toy Poodles

2375 Mann Creed Rd.
Mansfield,  PA  16933
(570) 662-2448



Toy Poodles and Tiny Toy Poodles    

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About Bonjour Toy Poodles  
About Bonjour Toy Poodles

Bonjour Toy Poodles, located in the scenic hills of Pennsylvania has been raising Toy Poodles for over thirty years with multiple registered and AKC approved and inspected. We produce Poodles for show, breeding, conformation, soundness and health.  

At Bonjour we strive to produce outstanding puppies capable of winning in the show ring or just for befitting a cherished family pet because poodles are very intelligent, easy to train, and non-shedding.  

Our poodles come in  beautiful colors of deep reds, apricots, ice whites, creams champagnes, jet blacks and luscious chocolates in tea-cups, tinies, toys and miniatures.

We produce Poodles for show, breeding, conformation, soundness and health or for a very nice family pet.

Because each of our poodles are raised with loving care we will match you with a poodle!

Give us a call for your happy, Loving Little bundle of joy!


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